Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Kishnani: John Arrillaga

We've heard so much talk about John Arrillaga, especially about his donations to the University. Just the other day, CFO Randy Livingston mentioned, "If there wasn't a John Arrillaga, do you think we would have the lavish athletic facilities that we do, today? Probably not." This got me thinking...why is Arrillaga so interested in athletics and just giving back to Stanford in general?

It turns out, John Arrillaga was only able to attend Stanford because he received a basketball scholarship. Though he still had to work 6 jobs to put himself through college, the scholarship opened the door to Arrillaga's educational and life opportunities.

Because of the generosity given unto him, Arrillaga now gives back to the school and is very passionate about it. As soon as he graduated, he gave what he could - a 2 figure donation to the University. This year, several donations, endowed scholarships, and buildings later, Arrillaga made a 9 figure ($151 million) donation to the University, the biggest in the school's history from a single living donor. 

His daughter, a professor and alumnus of Stanford, has written the following article about him, providing a lot of insight to this mysterious and very generous benefactor.

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