Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Kishnani: MBA + CS = ?

The Stanford Business School just announced a new joint degree program: a Master's in Business Administration along with a Master's in Computer Science.

"Why?" you may ask? Well, this program that is scheduled to begin in 2014, aims to set up a collaboration between the two fields so that business leaders will be able to use the ever-growing field of computer science to their advantage. Having CS skills will allow them to be prepared for careers in many industries and even be prepared to start their own companies. And since Computer Science is only becoming more and more prominent in today's society, the Business School views knowledge of it as a critical skill in today's job industry.

The program will be tough to get in and have it's fair share of a price tag attached to it, but will include one year at the Business School, one year at the School of Engineering, and one year at both along with to summer internships.

This is just the next in Stanford's quest to expand their inter-disciplinary programs. What's next?

Here's the article!

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