Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Jotthe Kannappan: Because we need to convince people we're a good school...

As all of us know, Stanford has a remarkable tendency to increase the quality of food served at every dining hall during New Student Orientation. Though I certainly love the benefits of being able to eat better food, I've always thought this is a bit of faulty logic.

The only reason I can think that Stanford would up the quality of food is to impress students and parents alike. Here's part of the problem- students will be impressed for a week, and then they come to the realization that most dining hall food will never be that good again.

Secondly, why are we trying to convince them to love the university now? These are all students who have already made the decision to come to Stanford, and parents who have already accepted that their children are attending this magnificent university. If anything, the food during admit weekend should be the best we ever have, as THAT is when we should be attempting to get students to come to Stanford.

And lastly, I will always be someone to appreciate good food, but why do we need to try so hard on those two weekends? I mean, it's Stanford. We shouldn't need to try all that hard to impress anybody with our food. Impress people with our academics, our extracurriculars, our faculty, our people. Impress them with the things that should truly matter. After all, if you are going to turn down Stanford because of one sub-par meal, you probably shouldn't be here.

Don't get me wrong. I love the better food. But here's my point. Either make all the food better always, because making it better for a couple of days is not going to fool anyone, OR just stop trying to push that image of Stanford. It has too many other things going for it to have to rely on something so insubstantial to bring people here.

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