Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Christine Rogers: What color is Stanford?

The better question to ask is: what color isn't Stanford?

With its signature red-tiled roofs, the red barn, plethora of Marguerite shuttles, sandstone, and white statues (such as those on the front on the Main Quad and the Gay Liberation Statues), Stanford appears at first to mainly exhibit its school colors: red and white. The vast amount of foliage that surrounds campus also gives the campus a distinct feeling green. However, in reality, such a diverse campus with a multitude of different activities, art, and wildlife cannot be confined to just three colors.

Scores of bikes around campus and the mosaic on Mem Chu’s fa├žade alone represent almost every color there is. Blue is represented by Searsville Lake and some of the beautiful flora around campus. The Hanna House, Jasper Ridge, Lake Lag, and the bronze colored sculptures lend a brown tinge to campus. The near-constant construction around campus, as well as numerous flowers like Lantana, creates an abundance of orange and yellow. For purple, look to the Jacaranda tree, for pink to the Ceiba Especiosa (as well as the fountains on big game day, because they never actually look red). Grey buildings, dark grey/black Rodin sculptures, black squirrels, and rust-hued sculptures; is there any color that isn’t represented somewhere on Stanford’s campus?

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