Monday, September 23, 2013

Christine Rogers: Everyone Needs to Check Out the Archives NOW!

As anyone who has spent any modicum of time here knows, Stanford has a wealth of different resources for students (and non-students) to use, whether for school, pleasure, or personal curiosity. All students know about the many libraries on campus and the access they provide to practically any book you can think of, but how many know about the two places that hold Leland and Jane Stanford’s death masks, programs from every Big Game, collections of WWII era recruitment and propaganda posters, and the original strike order for the Hiroshima bombing?

One of the most amazing resources Stanford has to offer, and one that I knew practically nothing about before taking this class, is the archives. Both Green Library and the Hoover Institution have unbelievable archives, filled with both books and items such as those enumerated above. The Special Collections (at Green Library) features items relating to Stanford’s history and the Stanford family. The Hoover Archives specializes in items and documents relating to war and peace, particularly 20th and 21st century war, revolution, and peace. It was actually founded by Herbert Hoover, who believed war would never happen again if he created of a library/archive of war.

All of their collections (both the Special Collections and the Hoover Archives) are listed online; just check out their websites on how to search their collections.

If you ever need information about Stanford’s history, war, revolution, or peace, you need to check out the archives. Even if you are just curious about it or even if you’re not, everyone should go check out the archives while they’re here. You won’t believe what you’ll find.

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