Monday, September 23, 2013

Westhem: Sorority Feeling

Whenever I thought about college I always imagined myself being in a sorority. And since my mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother were all Thetas, I kind of had a feeling that I would be a Theta as well.
            It wasn’t until spring quarter after rush, when I was officially a Theta and getting pumped to live in the house for the next year when it hit me that I would be living with all girls. ALL GIRLS! Now I don’t why this was such an important realization to me, but it was shocking at the time.
            I guess I had grown up with all guy cousins and playing basketball with the boys at lunch even into middle school. And I had gotten used to hanging out with my guy friends in my dorm and talking sports when the girl drama became too much.
            I loved how Stanford had the option last year to live on a single gender or coed floor. Now you’re probably assuming that I chose a coed floor, but I actually didn’t. Who wants to run into a cute football player in the early morning when you have your retainer in and Paul Frank pajama shorts? Not this girl.
            I loved the camaraderie of the all-girls floor last year, but also loved walking upstairs or downstairs to talk sports and just chill. So the thought of living with a house full of girls kind of concermed me when I thought about it over the summer.
            Now that I’ve lived in the Theta house now for a couple days, I know for a fact that my worries were stupid unnecessary. I’m so glad that Stanford allows soroties a bit of freedom in allowing boys in the house, so I know they can still visit.
            But there’s something about living with a house full of girls that love you before even knowing you that is so comforting and creates just the greatest homey feeling. 

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