Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Westhem: Intellectual Vitality among students

One area of improvement that Armin Rosencranz sees as need for improvement on campus is an increase in student-initiated engagement and discussion among themselves. He believes this should become a greater reality.
            In order for this to come to fruition, however, there needs to be less focus on getting assignments done and getting good grades and more focus on collaboration and open-ended thought.
            This is similar to what I saw last year in my dorm.  I walked into one discussion in particular during which three guys were excitiedly talking about Math 51 and really high level theoretical math that I couldn’t even follow. What I could understand, though, was the passion they had for the topic and that they were taking time out of their busy work schedules to share their passion with others and discuss it further. That is the ultimate way to learn and explore a subject.
            In short, there needs to be greater encouragement to make time for thoughtful engagement and discussions—intellectual vitality!—rather than work, work, work!

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