Friday, September 20, 2013

Kiki Hui: The Humanities Push Back

Read the Stanford News article!

A common theme across the high-profile professors/deans that we've met with is their fear that the humanities are slowly dying. As the people who graduate from Stanford with a humanities major dwindles to 10-12%, the administration knows they need to do something to change this pattern.

I stumbled across this article about a new program partnering with a New York city college to expose students to the doctoral-level humanities research at Stanford. It seems as if Stanford is broadening their mission to keep the humanities live, extending it across the country.

This program not only aims to increase interest in the humanities but it also serves to bring in more first-gen, underrepresented people into the program, another cause Stanford is passionate about.

I think it's a great program, I'm sure it will be successful and inspiring on both sides, and I encourage you all to give it a look as it represents issues Stanford is faced with and their responsive action.

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