Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Kiki Hui: Stanford and Religion

Talking with Scotty McClellan today really made me reflect on how religion is treated on our campus. What was so refreshing is talking about it in the first place because it really is not a subject that is touched upon often. I don't think it's because it will start conflict or anything. Stanford is a very accepting place with so much diversity. I think it's because people have this sort of view of religion as very personal; there is a sort of "you-do-you" and "I'll-do-me" mentality.

Reflecting over the past year, the only times I talked about religion were brief, and I'm pretty sure I could name all of them. I would ask people what they were doing/why they were so dressed up, and they would respond that they were going to 10pm Catholic mass. End of conversation. I learned they were Catholic. Cool. I've talked about it with two of my best friends because I noticed all our lack of religiosity. A brief discussion on our lack of religiosity ensued. Cool. Then I talked about it with a Jewish ex-boyfriend, which was one of the only times that I had really confronted it. It was one of those times where religion actually does make a difference since Jews are not supposed to intermarry and what not. It was only this encounter that made me take an objective view of religion on our campus, and it's kind of something I've thought about since. Our talk with Scotty today kind of just resurfaced the thoughts I had been having.

I think I would like to hear more talk about religion because it is so personal. It's not a conversation you usually have with someone you just meet usually, but maybe over time, it will be. People should not be judged based off their religion, but I think it gives a new perspective on the person. Hearing our group talk today about their religions and their families' histories with religion gave me a greater sense of who the people in our group are. I didn't know like anyone's religious background before that conversation. Maybe it should be more salient in our minds. I know I forgot to address the topic of religion in my own Spotlight. My religion/lack thereof has influenced my life and the way I view the world, so I think the conversation should happen more. It's just a way of sparking interesting discussion and getting to know people.

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