Monday, September 23, 2013

Haroon Zaidi: Accessibility of Resources

When we went to the observatory I was told that in fact the physics department hadn’t taken over the observatory.  The experience was great and it was beautiful under the night sky, however couldn’t help remembering, how I had once taken a four mile jog, that had turned into quiet a bit longer and had accidently wandered to where the observatory is only to find it locked…it’s a long story.  However, I think it would be a great spot to chill out with friends in the case of say a meteor shower.
                So, I asked her if I ever had any hankering to stare at the depths of the universe, just wanted to do so something, possibly bring a friend, etc. could I do so.  Here response was its possible, but there are a long series of steps one has to go through to get permission.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I am extremely grateful to have gotten the chance to go to the observatory, that she took time out of her busy schedule, especially late at night to show us the observatory.  I also understand the safety and logistical concerns about letting random people into the observatory late at night, where there could be possible vandalism.  I would go even as far to say, I agree with their policy.
If only those who are from the physics department use it on a regular basis and decide who is worthy to use it, even if it technically belongs to the students, isn’t it theirs in all but name.  It was a bit disappointing
                Other things that I wouldn’t have expected to be accessible turned out to be surprisingly so to the student, we were given horse rides at the red barn, allowed a behind the scenes tour of the stadium and offered the ability to tag along on his next set of rounds, and we’re allowed to go to the archives any time we want, just to name a few.
                I guess for all these great opportunities you just have to be willing to ask.

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