Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Westhem: Everything we never knew we needed

I think we really take advantage of the fact that we have so many great materials and resources at out fingertips here at Stanford, as students. That’s the main point that I’ve gotten out of this week. Stanford students have it all our fingertips and we don’t even take time to realize it. If we have a dilemma, there are a myriad of people or websites that we can confront to aid us. But only as students. Once we leave, that’s it. The help is over.
            So my point is, we better make the most of all the resources while we can!     I first started thinking about this after we visited the university archivists and got to peak at a fraction of Special Collections. We have all of this useful, primary source data to use whenever we want and for whatever we want just because we are Stanford students and this is all part possible due to the discretion of the archivists and other outside donors. We don’t have to search through the library for precious information when they can just deliver to us and we can go through it in a special room.
            Then again I was reminded of our good fortune and a Navigating Stanford session put on by the Career Development Center. They are paid to help us. They’re sole job in life is to make sure that we get jobs and find success upon graduation. That’s amazing when you think about it that way.
            And then there are the endless opportunities that come from networking with Stanford Alumni. Think about it: the CDC, Haas Center, Bing, the UAR, Hume Writing Center…they are all put in place to help us, the students. Make the most of it, my friends. 

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