Monday, September 23, 2013

Christine Rogers: Stanford and The Arts

Stanford is making a great effort to improve and expand it relationship with the arts. In the past, it has placed more focus on the sciences and engineering, which have served it very well indeed. Stanford has become an engineering and science powerhouse. However, as a result of that focus, not enough emphasis was placed upon the arts, especially in comparison to places like Yale. Stanford is doing its best to remedy the situation by shifting its focus to the arts. 

The most visible effort it has made thus far is the creation of an Arts District at Stanford. This Arts District is set to include Bing Concert Hall, Cantor Museum, the building for the Anderson Collection, and the McMurtry Building. 

Its implications for the future are that, if these efforts continue, the arts will have more focus, energy, emphasis, and funding, devoted to it. This should greatly improve the arts at Stanford, making it a greater contender against those schools that have a strong art program as well as strong academics.

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