Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Kiki Hui: Sea-ing Biscuit

I like horses. That’s why I enjoyed our barn visit. But I also enjoyed it because it felt like such a special opportunity. And it was, but what I didn’t realize is that pretty much anyone can walk through the barn and interact with the horses.

Although I had heard about the barn before and I knew one person on the equestrian team (I think), I didn’t know it was so accessible. Instead of being right by the West Campus Tennis Courts (which are still relatively far), I was under the impression that the barn was another mile away or that it was closed off or that the horses were in a different location. Of course I never stopped to think this through, but it was an eye-opening experience to partake in such a fun interaction that just happens to be on our home grounds.

It has come to my attention of how little we know about and how there is so much Stanford has to offer. I was unaware that Stanford offers riding lessons or people can just casually walk through the barn like a petting zoo. What else am I missing out on? What else can I take advantage of?

I guess it is these experiences, these blocks of time on our jam-packed agenda, which are allowing me to see Stanford in a different way. I shouldn’t be so limited. I shouldn’t think that things are so far away when they are actually so close at hand and accessible. Not just at Stanford but life in general. (Oh, now we’re getting deep). I feel like a lot of our speakers encourage us to think big and utilize every resource we can. Stanford has so many different components, opportunities, disciplines, and resources that we only have four years to use. We need to sea biscuit (Ha, get it? See the horses? Take opportunities? Okay it’s okay). I know that after this course, I want to get the most out of everything that I can. 

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