Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Tree Auditions!

Hellooo everyone! I can't believe that, in less than a week, we are going to be diving headfirst into the COOLEST 2008 soco! YAY. Alright, down to business. I think most of us would agree that the Tree contributes a ton of awesome wackiness to our beloved Stanford atmosphere. I couldn't believe some of the stories I heard this year about stunts that past Tree candidates have pulled in hopes of scoring that crazy costume (climbing Hoover Tower, eating live snakes, submitting oneself to being beaten with lightbulbs). I'm sure a good number of the alleged stunts have been blown out of proportion over time, but it's still entertaining to hear the legends! Here's some stuff I found in online Stanford Daily articles...

Erin Lashnits (2005) claimed, "I successfully hurled myself off a slip-n-slide from the 10 meter tower while on fire, conducted a marathon all-girl moonbounce bra-and-panty tickle fight and had sex on a tightrope strung from the birdcage in White Plaza. Pretty hot."
Adam Monroe (2005) said that for their first task, each tree candidate had a jellyfish placed on their face and had to eat through it.
In 2004, the Tree apparently got a kidney or appendix removed.
One Tree tried to land on Hoover Tower at the end of a skydiving adventure. He also was shot out of a cannon into Lake Lag (thankfully, the lake was full that day!).
One candidate dressed up as a deer and hurled himself at the current president's car.

Is this normal behavior for smart kids? I'm guessing not. But I for one think our student body's abnormal ways of playing hard really set us apart from the other colleges that work hard.

Ciao! *Anna*

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