Monday, August 4, 2008

Stanford Fountains

Since we all love Stanford's waterworks, inside and out, I pulled up an old Daily article that briefly talks about three of our favorite watering holes :)

The Claw

The Claw, located in front of the Bookstore, was designed by the sculptor Aristides Demetrios in 1964 to accompany the dedication of White Plaza.  Demetrios was commissioned to design the fountain in 1963.  Funded by the White family in honor of their two sons who died young, the bronze and copper sculpture can sprout water from 80 jets, though most go unused.

The Red Hoop Fountain

Though this fountain, located between Green and Meyer Library, often draws attention and has been assigned an assortment of strange names, the Shumway Fountain - the official name for the popularly dubbed "Red Hoop Fountain" [I've heard the Toilet Bowl too]- was actually designed by a landscape firm that specializes in water elements.  Tony Sinkosky, one of the principal landscapers responsible for Shumway, also designed a hotel in Munich and a Boeing training center.  While creating quite the artistic impression, Shumway is one of the only fountains not sculpted by an artist.

Water Clock Fountain- the "Timetable"

Located at the end of Serra Street, down the road from the Tanner Fountain in front of Hoover Tower, the water clock fountain can be found adjacent to the Electrical Engineering Center.  Designed by Maya Lin, who is also responsible for designing the Vietnam War Memorial in Washington, D.C., the fountain was completed along with the extension of Serra Mall.


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