Monday, September 8, 2008

Stanford Safari Quotes!

Hey all!

So Janelle and I (Shruti) have been collecting random quotes from our great speakers- funny, inspirational or whatever so we decided to put them together here. If any of you all have any you should put them up here too!

Robert Morgan
- "Churches come, churches go. Organs Remain."
- "I tend to avoid organists; they are very boring people."
-"The organ was louder than the violin." (on why he switched from violin to organ)
-"So yummy!" (in that cool Welsh accent...)

President Lyman
-"You have to remember to define what a university is really about."
-"Well, everyone likes being the head guy. It's kind of like, the buck stops here." (on what was most fun about being President)

Howard Wolf
-"The best part about this place are its stories. I was talking to someone and he said, 'Let me tell you about how this place changed my life.'"

President Casper
- A student to President Casper: "I was trying to find myself",
President Casper: "I advice against it. You might succeed!"
- "One is a celebrity to some extent"
- "Anyone who wants to govern the country, has to entertain it."
-"The job of college president...was the only job I really didn't have."
-"I became an expert on baseball bats (wood vs. aluminum)." (on chairing the PAC-10 conference...)
-"I was expected to provide sex for the students, parking for the faculty, and football for the alumni." (or was it in a different order...?)
-"There was a joke that I was appointed President because I was the only one who could pronounce the university motto."

Peter Bing
- "There is an emotional epoxy that attaches us all to Stanford. We're all in this together. It is fun to get involved."
-"We have to protect this institution that means so much to us."
-"Unless you have an open marketplace of ideas, you have nothing to fight for."
-Magazine article quoting Dianne Feinstein: "'I wanted to be the (ASSU) President, but in those days they would've elected a monkey before a woman.'" (Ouch)

Bob Reidy
- "The sense of place is really important. It is all back to the support of the academic mission"

Persis Drell
- "If you have an opportunity to have children, I highly advice that you have them"

Isaac Stein
- "If you have money, they ask you for it"
-"Managing a university is like herding cats. You have to move the cat food."

Coach Harbaugh
- "As human being, we are lazy, Thats the way we are built. If we could, we would be sitting around a camp fire all day. Naked."

Doug Osheroff
- "It was August 1st. August 1st is my birthday by the way. I like orange cakes."
- "People started calling me THE BRAIN. That is social death."
- "Gunpowder is really great stuff!"
- "I know two Nobel laureates who have fingers missing from experiments with gunpowder."
- "Being a nice guy and being a nobel laureate- an oxymoron."
- "After 45 years, people change. You dont change, but they change."
- "blah, blah, blah... and I don't want any of this appearing in the Estonian newspaper!"
- "I tell all my grad students, it is OK to call me at 4 in the morning. But it better be good!"
- "I don't know if anyone loves Caltech; they survive Caltech."
- "So I was outside waxing my car, and I saw her. So I quickly invited her to the most romantic event of the season- the Physics Department Picnic."
- "You have to give the grad students an opportunity to fail. In the lab I mean, not forever!"

Donald Kennedy-
- "When someone comments about LSJUMB I say- "Would you rather have them march in paramilitary outfits?", when they say yes, I dont know what to say."

Dean Pizzo
- "I have never gone to work"

Dean Saller
- "We are uniquely multi-disciplinary... So is the Univ of Milwaukee. Uniquely disciplinary yields 1,60,000 searches on google."

Rick Shaw
- "By bringing people together from all walks of life, I think it will contribute to world peace"
- "I was at Berkeley too many 100 years ago"
- "On high school transcripts, C's are a kiss of death"
- "A loner, kinda wandering around and bumping into trees"
- "The Draw- that whole experience is a bummer!"

Rich Skalski
- "They dont think about pest control when they make these buildings!"

Larry Kramer
- "You dont pick between Stanford Law school and Harvard Law school. You pick between Stanford University and Harvard Law school"
- "You cant become a rabbi or a hairdresser without a clinical education- but you can become a lawyer!"

President Hennessey
- "I like an early morning phone call when the Nobel Prized are announced"
- "We have a lets-go-try-it, take risks kind of culture"

Ken Arrow
- "I am very careful about what I write. I was born with a bad handwriting"
- "Economic forecasting is not much worse than weather forecasting
- "Academic freedom is for Professors, not University Presidents"

BOB quotes
- "So...Whats new in ancient Roman History?"