Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Summer Changes

I came back to Stanford last weekend to start my summer work and classes, and it's been pretty interesting seeing the changes that the campus is undergoing. The construction in White Plaza is kind of crazy; having nearly the entire area dug under and fenced off makes me appreciate its contribution to campus aesthetics (lol) a LOT more. There are also many more tourists and kids from different campus running around campus, which creates a rather different atmosphere around here versus when it was filled with college-aged kids during the regular academic year. Oh, the CoHo is back, too! So far everything I've had there has been yummy, and though some people say that a new CoHo doesn't necessarily resurrect the spirit of the old one, I think it's admirable that Stanford listened to students' desires to bring it back. I also heard about the HSM 3 filming. Apparently that was going on in the Quad. I didn't get to see it myself, though.

Basically, these are just a bunch of random observations, but my point is on how so many different factors blend together to create a really unique vibe to the campus. It's essentially the same campus now during the summer, but it feels very, very different with everything going on...


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stanford safari said...

Speaking of campus changes...

Apparently the Bings have done it again. We're looking at a 900-seat concert hall to be built across Palm Drive from the Cantor--isn't that where the old gym is being excavated?

Construction starts this December and won't end till Spring 2012. There's a Daily article on it from October, but it came up on Google News recently because the contractors have just been selected.